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Light the arc. Machine your workpiece. And produce the best weld possible. With the quality torch brands from EWS, you can push your welding capabilities to a new level. We have the right equipment for any welding job, including highly complex and unusual tasks. Quality welding equipment from EWS guarantees excellent performance and outstanding safety. Whether you need equipment for TIG, MIG/MAG welding or plasma welding – we offer optimized solutions for your welding needs.

Together we can build anything!

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EWS offers its customers a comprehensive range of services. While most of our services aim at ensuring high equipment availability and a long service life, we also assist you in other matters concerning welding technology.
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Competent advice – 24/7

Torch development – Technical support – Improved availability – Optimized construction site logistics – and much more …
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Maintenance & repair

Incoming inspection – Fast delivery thanks to large stock – Functional testing – Detailed reports – and much more …

Special solutions

Torch design – In-house research & development – Custom-engineered torches and components – and much more …
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Private label

EWS technology sold under your own label – available from certain minimum quantities – and much more …

Straight Reliability

EWS Products - the ZONES and more...


TIG Torches and Accessories

TIG Torches and Accessories

Are you looking for a TIG torch that combines excellent quality with a long service life and exceptional precision? Then look no further than TIGZONE. The TIGZONE series from EWS includes everything you need – optimized torch specifications, ergonomic design for easy handling, top-grade accessories and a wide range of parts and options for TIG welding applications.


MIG Torches and Accessories

MIG Torches and Accessories

The quality torch technology for MIG and MAG welding. High performance with a wide range of products from 150 to 600 amps. Optimized accessories for even longer service life of your welding torches - MIGZONE.


PLASMA Torches and Accessories

PLASMA Torches and Accessories

The perfect solution for filigree welds and large batches. We offer extremely compact torches that enable you to weld components that are otherwise impossible to access. PLASMAZONE includes equipment with an amperage as low as 1 A – PLASMAZONE.

Rhino Protection

PSA - TIG-Finger – Protective spray - coolant

PSA - TIG-Finger – Protective spray - coolant

Effective protection in all constraining situations. From protective welding clothing made of high-quality leather to protective spray for your workpieces. Always think about your safety and your immediate work environment - RHINO PROTECTION.

CK Worldwide

WIG Torches and Accessories

WIG Torches and Accessories

Our partner for established US TIG torch technology. Exclusive distribution rights for important markets with us. Torch competence with own brands and the more of US torch technology from the TIG original from one source.

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