MZ-NG.600801 – Protection Cap “NG”

The Narrow-Gap Welding System “NG” is typically designed to fit on torch SB400W/500W or identical. It is designed for groove depths 60mm up to 150mm. Special lengths as well as systems for other brands or types of torches are possible at any time. Equipped with a Protection Cap made out of high quality Ceramic which is current insulating, extremely heat- and thermal shock resistant with excellent spatter repelling properties. Because of the “slim” design of the Gas Nozzle the work-piece accessibility is excellent. Besides the Gas Nozzle is coated with a spatter repelling coating.

Improved view of welding seam. Improved root welding and root quality. A far smaller chamfer angle of <60° can be used. Therefore a smaller cross-section of weld seam results in a lower consumption of filler material and of course less labor.
Significant reduction of harmful spatter because of the coating and the Boron Nitride Ceramic. Obviates the need for expensive and toxic anti stick
sprays and pastes. Short circuits while welding narrow gaps are reduced to zero.

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MZ-NG.600801 Configurator
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Protection Cap “NG”

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Wearing parts groups

MIGZONE E-MZ 360G series, MIGZONE E-MZ 400W series, MIGZONE E-MZ 500W series, MIGZONE SB360G series, MIGZONE SB400W series, MIGZONE SB500W series

Diameter Ø (mm)

1.0, 1.2, 1.6