TZ-75523011 – Truncator-S for Ultima-TIG-S

The Truncator module was developed in order to avoid the 2 situations that really stress your Tungsten electrode, when TIG welding. Those situations are high amperage welding and AC welding e.g., aluminium. In both situations you can diminish the risk of melting off the tip by truncating your Tungsten electrode.


  • Precise truncation of ground Tungsten electrodes
  • Various positions on the grinding disc
  • Eliminates the risk of melting off the tip into the weld pool, causing contamination
  • Ideal for AC welding where it reduces the risk of obtaining an excessive ball at the tip
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TZ-75523011 Configurator
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Truncator – Precise and Easy to Use

The Truncator is a module designed for the Ultima-TIG series. It eliminates the risk of melting the ground tip of the electrode.