TZ-88897522 – Ultima-TIG-CUT 230V-50Hz UT220

Ultima-TIG-Cut is our wet grinder of Tungsten electrodes with a cutting module that ensures precise grinding at the correct angle and perfect centring of the tip as well as precise and safe cutting of the electrode.


  • Safe cutting without the electrode splitting
  • Sealed grinding and cutting chamber with dust collector to protect the user
  • Variable cutting length and angle setting gives more flexibility
  • Wet grinding prevents overheating of the electrode during grinding
  • High grinding speed provides faster grinding and a smooth surface
  • The electrode holder ensures centring of the tip and reduces electrode waste
  • Less electrode waste results in a short payback time
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TZ-88897522 Configurator
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Ultima-TIG-CUT – Precision Grinding & Cutting

The Ultima-TIG-CUT model has dual functions precise grinding and cutting of Tungsten electrodes with maximum 4.0mm