TZ-88897844 – AutoGrind-S Digital

AutoGrind Digital is a separate module for automatic grinding of Tungsten electrodes on the Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut. AutoGrind-S Digital is available for Ultima-TIG-S. The automatic grinding delivers a shorter grinding time as well as a better ergonomic solution for the user when grinding many electrodes. The AutoGrind Digital has an easy adjustment of the grinding time.


  • Automatic grinding of the electrode ensures a precise and uniform result.
  • High rotation speed shortens the grinding time
  • The grinder is automatically switched off when the grinding is finished
  • The user can prepare the next electrode during the grinding process
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TZ-88897844 Configurator
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AutoGrind Digital – Efficient and Consistent

The AutoGrind Digital is a module designed for the Ultima-TIG series. It automatically ensures a uniform and precise grinding.