TIGZONE Tungsten electrode GEN3 pearlcopper 3% RE

GEN3 3% SE (pearlcopper)

Main oxides : 3% rare earth

According to DIN EN ISO 6848 – Surface unground

– Extremely easy to ignite and long service life even in demanding applications

Application :

Optimum properties for use with direct current (DC) as well as alternating current (AC) for the processing of non-alloy and high-alloy steels, light metals such as aluminum as well as titanium, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys.

Ideal also for automated processes


Also available in 28° ground version on request

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TIGZONE GEN3 series Configurator
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10GEN3X150 10GEN3X150B 10GEN3X175 10GEN3X175B 16GEN3X150 16GEN3X150B 16GEN3X175 16GEN3X175B 20GEN3X150 20GEN3X150B 24GEN3X150 24GEN3X150B 24GEN3X175 24GEN3X175B 32GEN3X150 32GEN3X150B 32GEN3X175 32GEN3X175B 40GEN3X150 40GEN3X150B 40GEN3X175 40GEN3X15

Additional information

Diameter Ø (mm)

1.0, 1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8

Length (mm)

150, 175