TZ-88896020 – Neutrix 110V-50/60Hz

Neutrix is our hand-held and portable dry grinding machine for grinding of Tungsten electrodes, perfect for field welding. This grinder improves in-field grinding of electrodes with a dust filter and dust collector, ensuring a safer grinding environment for the welder.


  • Sealed grinding chamber with dust collector to protect the user
  • Variable angle setting gives more flexibility
  • Inspection cover so you can follow the grinding process
  • The electrode holder ensures centring of the tip and reduces wastage
  • The 3 positions of the diamond disc give optimal utilisation
  • Powerful motor with speed adjustment
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TZ-88896020 Configurator
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Neutrix – The Flexible Solution

The Neutrix portable grinder is easy to carry around and use outside the workshop for grinding Tungsten with maximum 4.0mm